The westward expansion Essay

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Dear Alfred,
It’s probably been ages mate, aren’t I right? How you been?! You’re probably wondering about what my young hot-headed self is doing out in the world? Well this is how it goes… Since my father’s violent and unconsidered death, and under the orders of the protestant landlord, that damn old rotten Daniel Christie burns down my father’s land. I set out to revenge the land for my father but in an utter failure, plans don’t fall in to action smoothly after being injured by his daughter. This is when the journey starts though, when Shannon tells me of the free land available in the western parts of America. I set out for my dreams to own land and start a new life over again, which with the help of Shannon paying for my voyage to the America’s, on the very boat with many others wanting to start a new life, migrating to America in search of jobs.
As I set foot in Boston, I see the craziness, I smell the opportunities through my nostrils. In order to set out for the old west I start working for money with boxing and a chicken processing plant. But I eventually gave up my goal on my land owning dreams and set to work on the Transcontinental Railroad. Which with the spark of the steam locomotive made it possible to connect the east coast as well as some what of the west coast together for transportation of goods and in order for civilization southward. Also due to gold rush westward expansion was a great deal, which one day while resting in a train cabin I dreamed of father who helped me realized what I had given up on so easily.
So one day, as the train was passing by the state of Oklahoma, I saw signs of the Land Run, which was on this day of 1893 that I’m writing to you about. Over 100,000 people had gathered themselves in to Oklahoma, in order for the largest land