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WR 122
The “White Ones”
Nightmares are dark scenes that play out in your sleep, thought to be fed by fears or worries of the subconscious. Recently, I had an interesting nightmare that I found haunting and extremely creepy. My name is Becca, and this is my nightmare.
I had decided to take a trip to a foreign country with seven of my friends. Their names are Izach, Karissa, Josh, Brandon, Ella, Abby, and Melissa. Izach is of average height and build, with brown hair and warm brown eyes; Karissa is very petite with bright red hair and dark brown eyes. Josh is the same height as Izach, but has a much more brawny build to go with his brown hair and hazel eyes. Brandon is long and lanky with brown hair and vivid blue eyes. Ella is of average height with short dark brown hair and eyes so dark they are almost black. Abby is tall and willowy with brown eyes and brown hair that comes to her hips. Melissa is average height with reddish brown, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I possess an average height and build, jade colored eyes, and a head of long blonde hair.
One of the days during our trip, we decided to go see some of the countryside and spotted a very large abandoned complex of different buildings. The style of the architecture was of the gothic era with large sweeping arches, tall spires, and large stained glass windows. The complex was so large that my friends and I decided that splitting up would be a good idea so that we could cover more ground and take pictures for everyone to see when we regrouped. We split up into four groups of two and were on our way. Abby went with Melissa, Ella went with Brandon, Josh went with Karissa, and Izach went with me.
We walked around for a very long time and saw many interesting things on the property, such as the wonderful architecture and beautiful wildlife. The buildings were surprisingly intact and clear from the normal types of debris that accumulate and damage that occurs over time. I found it strange that things such as crumbling rock and hanging moss weren’t readily apparent on any of the buildings. As we walked around we would sometimes see the other pairs that were also meandering around the property. These encounters became fewer in number as the time went by. After Izach and I had walked around for a while, I began to notice strange movements sporadically appearing in my peripheral vision. It sometimes seemed as if there were people or creatures of some sort tracking our movements. I mentioned to Izach what I had seen, and he said that he had seen them too, but had not wanted to alarm me by telling me so. We both started to notice that somehow our surroundings were changing drastically. It seemed that the closer night drew in, the more ominous our surroundings seemed. The buildings, which were previously clean and intact, were suddenly covered in all manner of plant life and were also now in ruin. The plants all looked dead, and there were no animals to be found.