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Ted Hughes
The Wind

Can I explain how a writer uses language to shape meaning?
 RF5
 I can explain why the writer has made certain language choices (imperative verbs, emotive language, figurative language, formal/informal) Can I explain how a writer uses language to shape meaning?
 After the first reading:
 What is your personal response to the poem?  2Mins – write down your thoughts…

Poetic terms - reminder

What is the feature used? Why is it used? What does it mean? Exemplar response – Level 5
 ‘This house has been far out at sea all night’
 This metaphor shows that the rain and the wind have been soaking the walls of the house. It suggests that the house is unstable because of the poor weather.
 Important features:
 Key information identified
 Some awareness of the writer’s language choice

Exemplar response – Level 6

‘The woods crashing through darkness’
Level 6 exemplar response
‘The woods crashing through darkness’
This metaphor conveys that the wind is noisy and very powerful.
In addition, the use of onomatopoeia ‘crashing’ is effective as we can imagine the wind destroying anything in its path in a completely random way. Also, personification ‘stampeding’ helps to create the image of the wind being a powerful monster.
 Key Features:
 All of level 5 AND commentary on how the writer’s language choices contribute to the overall effect on the reader

Exemplar response - Level
 ‘The house rang like some fine green goblet in the note that any second would shatter it.’
 Hughes highlights the power of the wind using a simile to compare a house to a fragile, ‘goblet’. This is effective as the reader hears the powerful sound of the wind that, like a high pitched choir singer, could cause the solid house to
‘shatter’ into