The Winthrop Rockefeller During The Reconstruction Era

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Winthrop Rockefeller was born May 1, 1912, and died February 22, 1973. Rockefeller is buried at Winrock Farm in Morrilton, Arkansas. Winthrop Rockefeller was not given a middle name. Rockefeller served two full four year terms as governor. He served 1967-1971 (Dillard). Winthrop was a republican he served during the reconstruction era. The reconstruction era was an era of time after the civil war were people were working to restore America to it former glory. The reconstruction era lasted from 1663-1868 (DeBlack 2017).

Winthrop Rockefeller a very wealthy child and had a private tutor and went to Lincoln School at Columbia University Teachers College, and also attended a private school. He attended Yale for collage but was kicked