The Witches And Their Triumph

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The Witches and Their Triumph
Macbeth is a tragedy, written by the one and only William Shakespeare. Macbeth is a prevailing protagonist that ends up in a series of unfortunate events, ultimately leading to his death. He is a big contribution to the events that occur; he’s greedy and ambitious. However there are other forces; supernatural forces that are responsible and influence Macbeth to act out the horrid deeds. They call themselves the “three witches”. Despite what others may argue the witches are responsible for the actions Macbeth sets in motion. They are manipulating, conniving, supernatural beings, that use witchcraft to create a motion picture showing Macbeth his fate in numerous parts of the play. The witches conspired to make
Macbeth turn against his loved ones. Lastly they set ideas in Macbeth’s head which led him to possess his greedy, ambitious personality; that pushed him to act out the grim crusade that abased and mortified all of Scotland.
Throughout the play there has always been a prophecy set in stone by the witches that
Macbeth must fulfill. They use their witchcraft to show him what he will soon become. In Act 1
Scene 3 Macbeth interacts with the witches for the first time, near their cave upon the heath.
Witch 1: “All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, thane of Glamis!” Witch 2: “All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, thane of Cawdor!” Witch 3: “All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter!” At this point in time Macbeth is a hardworking, noble man that has no intentions of doing any harm to anyone or anything. Nearer the end of the play Macbeth revisits the witches, this time he’s demanding their knowledge and ability of telling the future. Macbeth: “I conjure you by which you profess howe’er you come to know it­ answer me. Even till destruction sicken, answer me to what I ask you.” A brew is formed and the apparitions began. Second Apparition: “Be bloody, bold, and resolute. Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.” Here the witches are telling and reassuring him of the prophecy that he can no longer back out of. His ambitions have changed and he is now a greedy, horrible king. In both of the quotes above you can see witchcraft being portrayed along with the prophecy.
Meanwhile Macbeth is spinning more and more into insanity due to the prophecy as the play moves along. He has become so obsessed with the throne and the witches that nothing else seems to matter anymore, including his own loved ones(Lady Macbeth, and his best friend Banquo). In Act 1 Scene 3 the witches also give Banquo his prophecy. Witch 1:
“Lesser than Macbeth and greater.” Witch 2: “Not so happy, yet much happier.” Witch 3: “Your descendants will be kings, even though you will not be one. So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo!”
Not so much at that time but later in the play Macbeth had jealousy over Banquo and his prophecy, and had him murdered. This shows that Macbeth is willing to destroy anything that stands in the way of his prophecy. In Act 5 Scene 5 Lady Macbeth dies. Instead of grieving
Macbeth states “She should have died hereafter. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” You can now see that Macbeth has lost all effort to care about anyone but himself. The witches have drained him dry of all kind and caring qualities.
Lastly it was the witches who put the ideas in Macbeth’s head. Due to these thoughts he became greedy,