Essay on The Woman as a Mother

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The Woman as a Mother "Father and Mather" are words know by all in our universal and any living being have parents. They give the birth to progeny. There are differences between men and women when it comes to parenting. They both bring different skills and values which contribute to raising their children. There are many responsibilities related to caring for children. They have to learn how to deal with the more difficult aspects of dealing with children, as well as learning how to positively reinforce them. Some people believe that men are just as good as women at parenting but I dare to say women are better parents for three reasons; the bond of motherhood, society roles and the emotional nature. One reason that women are better parents then men is the bond of motherhood with her child. The love between mother and child is the most basic human relationship. It is the deepest and most selfless love. The bond of motherhood is usually comes naturally and it is usually starts in pregnancy that all men are not. The bond of motherhood starting since felt the first moving of the baby inside the womb. The bond is also a hormonal one that is produced during the child birth and breast feeding. Motherhood bond is growing because that the baby is able to see, smell, hear and respond her or his mother. The motherhood is the most sacred functions for women. They are generally better at parenting skills than men for example, woman's bond with a daughter because they can understand the monthly menace of the period. A mother will better relate and be able to deal with it seeing as men do not go thru that. In addition to bond of