The Women From The Lake Of Scented Soul Critical Analysis

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Critical review of The Women from the Lake of Scented Soul
The film, The Women From the Lake of Scented Soul, one of the movies about female subjects directed by Xie Fei, starred by Siqingaowa, won "Best Actress" at the Chicago International Film Festival and a "Golden Bear" at the Berlin International Film Festival. Through the uncomplicated story of countryside life, it’s not hard to know the work depicts the tough fates of Chinese female in the village. Xie Fei believes the poetic image have the tragic fortune under the control of traditional morality is a artistic language to express Chinese culture proposition of tradition and modernity, civilization and ignorance. Two Chinese females developed in the film, Xiang Ersao, Huanghuan, were appeared in this movie to express the tough lives that Chinese village women have. Besides, artistic method of comparison used in this film, a Japanese female’ s life compared to the Chinese women’s, enhances the topic of the topic the director want to express in the work.

The Women from the Lake of Scented Soul also use an eloquent story of women in specific environment to express topic subject, but the plot is sluggish constraining in a quiet rural setting. Many female roles in the movie can be seen the difficulty of the village female. The difficulties that the female faced include three parts: family life, business, and the standing in other people’s eye.

At the traditional town of china, women in society, is a bimbos of men and a tool for procreation. Women serving for the men, is