The Wonders Of The Wolverine Essay

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The Wonders of the Wolverine By: Jonny Harmon

These Biologists are trying to find more information about the wolverine. It is an animal that is uncommonly known by most people. They are following one certain one who is in the prime of his life and he is a strong male that is extremely fast and smart. These animals are so fast and quick that they can scale the tallest mountain in the north in under and hour and a half. These animals way about 30 pounds on average and are about 3 feet off the ground. They have 20 extremely sharp claws that are slightly curved so they can scale icefalls and mountains quickly and delicately. They also have an extremely good sense of smell. They mostly live scattered in the north in places like Canada, Alaska, Michigan and Greenland. There is an extreme amount of snow in those places and it is very cold, but since the wolverines have such thick fur they feel like they’re wrapped in a blanket even in the coldest of winter. These are very dangerous animals because they adapt to their surroundings and are strong, agile, vicious, and fast, so
They could strike at any moment. Wolverines do not hybernate and scavenge for other dead animal parts lying around in the snow of the artic. They can take on a mountain goat, wolves, moose, and bighorn rams just to fight for food and to survive in their climate because it’s survival of the fittest. Very few animals can adapt to the types of climate that the wolverines do, so they are very special animals. These animals are very hard to get up close to because they are so aware of everything around them, and they are fast and scary, so that’s another way they get away. This is why there are only very few wolverines in captivity. Wolverines travel on the roughest terrain. They onced lived all the way down to New Mexico, but now they just live in the wildest places they can find like the Rocky Mountains. They are very rarely spotted animals because they don’t come up above the treeline very often, and are hidden under the snow covered trees and glaciers. This is why the biologists find them and put tracking collars on them to study them better and find them with more ease, even though it is still extremely hard. Wolverines are very few spotted in the connected United States besides Michigan, which is the wolverine state, hense the Michigan Wolverines. The wolverines can move so fast that their back legs can be in front of their front legs if they realy want to move. Wolverines live in underground snow caves that can be as deep as 10 feet, and they make sure that their home is stable enough to last them through May. Wolverines are very scarce in the United States and are very tough to find for even the best searchers. That is why the wolverine is such a mysterious animal and we know not nearly as much information as we would like to about them. This is why I think the wolverine is such a wonder in the animal kingdom.

4 Life Science Concepts
Woverines are a very secretive animal that hide and are very rarely seen.
Wolverines are vicious and will fight for their protection, food, or family.
Wolverines are agile and quick and have amazing body strength.
Wolverines are excellent climber and can scale mountains and other high places very quickly.

From this video, I have learned a lot about a very unknown animal. That they are rare, there are very few in the world that are in raised by humans and aren’t in the wild, and they are exciting animals with much more to learn about than you think. These animals are important to the world because they help keep the other animals in the arctic from overpopulating. Also they interest many people and they are the reason why some people wanted to become a biologist and help society learn about them. That is why I have done this animal for my life science project.

Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom 50:09 Air Date-11/14/10 Producer: n/a