The Working Economy

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McVey 1
Samantha McVey
Professor Casto
Writing 121
08 May 2012
The Working Economy! Ha chew, cough, cough: some things that we all hear everywhere in our daily lives, especially at a store where I happen to conduct my interviews, during my breaks. My interviews include a person who wants to receive a job to another person who has had the same job for two and a half years. Now don’t worry readers of my essay you wont have to hold on to your hats or breath that long, I kept my interviews short just for those got to go people. My first interviewee, who happens to be a young adult is Melissa, she would like to work with my friends at Dollar Tree and me. Melissa would like a job for a couple of reasons: “it would make my life better and help me to get work experience along with some extra dough”, she also explained that she wanted to meet new people and working there could help her with that. Some reasons for her not working are that: “I forget to turn in my applications for job places, I probably have a stack in my room that could fit in a small shoe box. Among other things it’s really hard to get a job in this economy lately. Plus, I have never had a job before and most employers prefer work experience.” Melissa said things that keep her going after jobs and getting applications are the need for extra money because she doesn’t want to keep asking her parents for money at this age. Also,
McVey 2 she has this hording addiction to keep whatever money she gets, she never wants to spend it but, she thinks that a job could cure her. By the way she has been looking for a job for two terms already and turned in a few applications. I forgotten to ask Melissa if she could foresee any solutions to help her attain a job but I interpreted that if she turned in more applications and not procrastinate anymore then she might have more of a chance. My second interviewee, Katrina, seems to only want the job she has attained and kept for two years is because of money. While Katrina explained, “that work is work, the people sucks and Samantha knows we have stories to tell”. Katrina has worked at Dollar Tree for two an a half years and has been a manager there for a while. She basically wants to pay bills and get out of the house more which happens to cost money most of the time. “My stresses have to do with people coming in with $40-60