A Brief Note On Gangs

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ok its hustle never sleep

grindin till we eat

takin over everythang , ballin in these streets

and you know i keep royal , rockin gold down to my feet

gypsy gang is what i rep and if you hatin you can leave

cause you know i get it poppin and no im neva stoppin

till you see pigs fly , and my game starts rockin

and my money never clock in , my gang stop flockinn

and my fits start dustin , my realness sloppinn

but NO that aint happenin , rack up or shut up !

put cha money where ya mouth is , or bitch get yo funds up

you mad? DMC you will not RUN US . sunnie heart is on lock ,

so you will neva cuff her

these girls so lame , these girls so weak x3

they try to knock me while im climbin to the top but you know ill neva


Round two lemme tell you what im all about

im bout my paper and im stackin up with out a doubt

these girls mad cause they'll never fit into my crowd

bossed up , RACKED out , all nighters in the town

what i get you are only seein in ya dreams

and let me tell you im original by all means

therefore you'll never see me jock another chick

cause then that'll only label me as just another bitch

im on my level , non toxic , im steril .

im just a gypsy goddess but aint lookin for no pharroah

im sayin , yo career is over , im ya hero .

i saved the whole rap game , but these bars pretty lethal

these girls so lame , these girls so weak x3

they try to