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Introduction to the Power of Incentives
1.) Incentives influence a student’s study habits simply by shortening what they need to know, for example the student asked “Is this topic going to be on the test?” teacher replied “No it isn’t” thus shortening what the student needs to know since the teacher already implied that one topic won’t be on the test. This encourages a student to not be concerned about that one topic being on the test, which is shortening their studies.
2.) Yes, it is obvious to realize when a sales clerk works on a commission basis, simply because those who work on commission persuade customers to buy their products and aim to sell more so that they can gain more money. People who work for tips behave differently, since they would have much of a formal approach to customers and have very well developed “people skills” than those who do not work for tips.
3.) Some examples of perverse incentives that are not discussed throughout the chapter could be everyday problems as peer pressure that teenagers receive for example, teenagers could be encouraged, persuaded, to part-take in illegal action as in doing drugs, consuming alcohol, etc. throughout the perverse incentives they encounter or are surrounded by.
4.) Incentives can be used to encourage volunteer work and community service by advertisement. People who look into an interest of helping others, part-taking in doing a positive activity for the community, or those who are looking for something to