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1. During the 15th century many technological advancements made to global domination of the West possible. The compass improved navigation and a round­hulled ships allowed for easier sailing through further waters such as the Atlantic. Improved metal work provided armor and defenses for the ships. Increased mapmaking skills charted the way and the three sail Caravel made travel faster. 2. Prince Henry the Navigator lead the some of the first explorations for Portugal as a result of his enthusiasm to spread Christianity, the excitement of discovery, and his want to be wealthy. In the search for a route to India Portuguese ships traveled south along the African coast. After Vasco Da Gama reached India in 1498 many voyages followed. A trip that was blown off course reached Brazil. After reaching Japan in 1542 the Portuguese began Catholic missionary. Near ports in Africa and Asia fortresses were built. Soon after Portuguese voyages the Spanish too began to explore. In 1942
Columbus reached America after being funded by Spanish royalty. Soon the Spanish claimed much of Latin American, but gave Brazil to Portugal. The Spain traveled as far
North as the southwestern United States, then in 1519 Ferdinand Magellan began to circumnavigate the world under Spanish funding, though Magellan died during the voyage, his crew successfully finished the trip and Spain then claimed the Philippines. 3. The Columbian Exchange was the trade of goods, services, and disease between the
New and Old Worlds. The result of this exchange were things such as slavery, the demolishing of a culture, and the opening of the world to Western colonization. When
Europeans began to inhabit the Americas they brought many new things with them.
One of the things they brought with them were diseases such as smallpox and measles. Because the Natives lacked natural immunities to these disease almost the entire population was wiped out. However the population quickly grew back as more
Europeans came and with the introduction of the African slave. African slaves were brought to replaces the Indians in labor. In the Americas, Europeans began to harvest goods such as corn and potatoes. The exportations of these goods to Africa, Asia, and
Europe resulted in a large population boom. The Europeans in America relied heavily on European imports. Importing things such as livestock made labor much easier.
From Africa, many slaves were brought to the New World to work the fields. The development of trade between these two world resulted in people beginning to actually colonize instead of merely conquer the New World. 4. Core Areas are nations, most of the time they were European, they profit from the world economy; they controlled international banking and commercial services and exported manufactured goods and imported raw materials. Dependent economic zones are regions within the world economy that produced raw materials; dependent upon European markets and shipping, they had a