the world in which i live Essay

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The World In Which I Live
“We all live in a numb sort of realtiy.We don’t care what’s going on in or around us. We care about what’s in the now. If we woke up from this reality we wouldn’t be the same. The actuality of our actuality would scare us, and our world would crumble to oblivion. It’s not that we couldn’t handle it, we just wouldn’t want to handle it. Our lives are lazy. We don’t care, but then again, why would we? These new lives of technology and mythology consume us. We need to escape from our corrupt existence and find a new beginning. We need to live our lives to the fullest and take in every moment of it.” Everyone has a different definition of “world”. You could consider your world to be your home, school, church, community, many more. I considered my world to be is the community, not necessarily the community I live in but the communities around me.
My community is solid. Everyone in this community is content with where they currently stand which is not a good thing. There are many issues confronting communities around me, such as poverty, teen pregnancy, drugs abuse, bullying and ect. Seeing families and kids my age struggle more so financially gives me the eagerness to want to go to school and get my education so that I can move on to college, graduate, and be successful with my own business. Trying to address the many issues in communities and actually do something about is not an easy thing to accomplish especially when you have a variety of different people, different age groups, and also with me being so young. It is easy getting the attention of the younger crowd, but it is all about keeping the younger crowd engaged and encouraging them to want to change,