The World Is Flat and Steroids Technology Advances Essay

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Flat World
Teresa Gale Gaines
CMGT 556
December 22, 2014
Sutap Chatterjee
Flat World
What is a flat world?
According to Friedman a flat world refers to a leveled playing field where all have equal opportunities, events and developments that have allowed all of this to happen are called flatteners. Information Technology and communication are progressively reducing barricades among individuals, countries, and companies by creating an economic codependent and international combination.
Technology has made the world consistently smaller by reducing the physical, cost-effective, and social and political barriers. Technology and communication have made it easier for people in different geographic locations to share ideas and take advantage of any opportunity that exist regardless of location (MacDonald, 2014). Friedman message is essentially that the world is not as large and disengaged because of technology; thus closing the gap between countries from a global viewpoint. The indications are that everyone can give to and partake in Globalization. Information and communication are not limited to American based corporations anymore.
In the years, since Friedman published his book the world of information technology has transformed dramatically (Fox, 2014). The world of trade is no longer flat and IT is more tactical than ever before. IT has become more responsive and approachable to the requirements of the company. Cloud computing was thought to be just hype a few years ago and now it is changing IT into a service model. IT has become a business trendsetter again, as opposed to just a support role (Mason, 2014).
The rate at which the world is changing because of technology has reduced the significance of physical location in regards to business. Advances that took years or decades now occur in a matter of minutes. Smartphones and Facebook have transformed the way we interact and communicate with each other. The world is more incorporated and linked than ever before. Whether you call it globalization, a flat world, or open society these changes touch everyone’s life.
Forces that Flattened the World
Berlin Wall Came down
Capitalism Ascended
Increased acquaintances, trade, and economic dependence
Internet browsing and email
Mainstream web browser, simplifying everyone’s access to the internet (removed physical obstacles)
Work Flow Software
Powerful Software/improved connectivity
Collaboration software (allows the office to perform tasks)
Uploading/Open Source
Ability to upload material
Open source applications, blogs, and YouTube (disruptive force)
Cheap Labor wherever it is (Separating the Business)
Acquiring services/products form an outside supplier (Dell and HP)
Sending jobs and tasks overseas
Business functions done in another country for cheaper
Supply Chain
Wal-Mart(Improved procurement and delivery=lower cost)
Consist of all steps and resources from supplier to the consumer (Wal-Mart)