The World On The Turtle's Back Short Story

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World on the Turtle's back V.S. Life from Moon and the Stars
The two stories “The World on the Turtle’s Back” and “Life from Moon and the Sun” are myths. They are fiction stories. These myths are told to explain natural. Many myths tell a creation.
The myth “The World on The Turtle's Back” is an Iroquois myth. It starts out as a story beginning with no world, no land, no creatures of any kind, and no man. This myth has a piece of land holding a great ocean. Above this ocean stood a great void of air, which they referred to as the sky world. In this sky world was a man and a woman. They are expecting a baby soon. Things got really hard for the two of them and the expecting mother was constantly starving, so the man went out to try and find her delicious foods.
In the second myth “Life from Moon and The Stars”, the setting was different. This story took place on land, rather than no world and no land. This story is unique because God made a man, and God named that man Moon. He sent Moon to live at the bottom of the Sea, but Moon did not want to live at the bottom of the Sea. He wanted to live on land, so that’s what he did. In the ending of this story, Moon had a daughter. His daughter grew up to be beautiful. She ended up sleeping with her
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“The World on the Turtle's Back” explains how life was in the "old days". This story explains how difficult it was or is to get what you need to live off of. Their world was in the air. Everything you needed was below you unreachable in the lower part of life itself. It teaches you a lesson that you can't rely on anything. You have to make do with what life gives you. In “Life from Moon and Stars” anything the characters needed one of them would make them magically and that was that. They didn't have a need to fight for things because in a way it was just handed to