The World shot-by-shot scene analysis Essay

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The World Shot-by-Shot Analysis

Mise-en-scene: To begin, the scene is of an establishing outdoor shot of The World Theme Park, with a nighttime view of the park skyline centered on an Eiffel tower replica.

Framing: Extreme long shot of “Paris” and neighboring establishments. Skyline and sky takes up half of the upper portion of the frame. On the lower half is a large expanse of water between the camera and the development/buildings. To the right of the screen, we see what appears to be elevated tracks of a monorail that fades into the darkness and off screen. In the center, in front of the fireworks and Eiffel tower, birds are flying diagonally up from left to right.

Duration of shot: Lasts roughly a mere 16 seconds, from 27:14-27:30

Lighting: There is very little lighting provided from the light pollution in the distance, implying that the park is nearby well-lit/developed cities. The light emitted from the buildings especially apparent on the top floors would not be sufficient enough to provide that kind of light source. There is also a large light source behind the Eiffel tower emitting a spot-light from the center of the screen pointing out diagonally and to the right of the sky.

Color: The color is dark, but slightly green. Any source of color is provided by the low lighting: buildings, fireworks, and their reflections across the body of water. Red lights provide a contrast to the green, as it is considered a complimentary color according to color theory as depicted on a color wheel.

Camera: Wide angle lens captures the scene in low light settings. High aperture provides deep focus, allowing us to see the details of the skyline clearly past the water. The camera is set on top of a tripod to provide a stationary shot that doesn't move while the shot is being taken.

Editing: “PARIS IN BEIJING SUBURB” written in a capitalized, bold, sans-serif font across the center of the screen occupies a third of the space horizontally. Text serves as an anchor to further explicate the setting that is being shot. Above the English words are a set of Chinese characters, presumably the pre-translated text, as it is listed above the English translation. The Chinese characters preceding the rough english translation is also double in size of the font.

SOUND: Soundtrack continues from the previous sequence. It is unclear if the sound is diegetic or not. Synthesizer creates soothing moderately-paced music. Slowly fades out.

Diegetic, on screen, sync sound of fire works as they burst in the distance

Diegetic, faint, off screen sound of a woman's voice speaking Mandarin Chinese over some sort of speaker at the park.


Mise-en-scene: Even though the Eiffel Tower is not shown, the Arch de Triumph reveals that this shot is still in the Paris suburb, as depicted in the last shot. The Arch is well-lit by both yellow lighting and a blue-ish light within the arch. The foreground of an arcade is well-lit, but between the foreground and the background, there is darkness. This darkness is separated by pillars.

Framing: Starts at an extreme long shot of the character as her full body fits into the frame. It shortly turns into a medium close up shot of her as she walks towards the camera. The framing changes by the choreography of the actors, not the camera itself because there is minimal movement of distance involved with the camera. It's a point-of-view shot of Taisheng looking at Tao because we see over his shoulder. As he walks closer to meet her, it becomes a 2-shot medium frame. They are on opposite sides of the screen, showing the distance that the characters feel toward each other. He then becomes off screen as she walks away from him, further exemplifying that she wants him out of the picture. Since she is always in the frame, we are always taking her side in a metaphoric sense. They are reunited when he takes her hand, and it returns to a medium three shot, including a fellow