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The Worst Discipline
The worst and painful discipline ever is spanking, but it is one also of the most debatable discipline methods and one of the oldest disciplinary actions throughout many decades. Spanking is a method of punishment in which an adult inflicts pain upon a child in response to their unsatisfactory behavior. At times, children forget to practice good behavior skills or they disobey their parent’s rules and commands, which results in being disciplined.
As a frustrated parent continues to repeat commands and try’s to reason with the child it increases their frustration levels quite often. Most parents try their best to teach their child to understand what acceptable behavior is and what is unacceptable. When children are constantly disobedient, acting out at school or in public places, it makes the parent look bad and feel bad. At times, an anxious child likes to stick things in his or her pockets that do not belong to him or her or the child do not like to share things, when the time is appropriate. When out of control a child tends to talk back often trying to push the parent’s limits. After being loud, out of control and defiant continuously after being warned about a problem or punished in a less severe way repeatedly before actually being spanked, If the child still does not want to be obedient after the necessary steps have been taken then they should receive a more severe discipline such as a spanking.

The process of spanking is a very agonizing and tormenting process. The child would suffer first by being forced to listen to a long lecture, instead of just receiving the spanking. Knowing what was coming after the speech brought a lot of fear and anxiety. It felt as if his or her stomach started cramping and his or her heart's would stop pumping at any moment during the lecture. As the time approached for the spanking, fear and nervousness grew rapidly .The kids were instructed to pull down their pants and underwear, then pull their shirts over their stomach. Next they were instructed to bend over on a bed or whatever was around, with their butts in the air. She would then proceed to the spanking.

The belt would swish violently through the air before coming in contact with