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Arlene Tatum November 26, 2012 MUL1010 The Write Sound Concert

On November 24, 2012 I attended an R&B concert at Bougainvillea, it’s a nice old fashion bar located in South Miami. The band I went to see perform is called The Write Sound featuring my friend Christina Sarasoul. Christina has an amazing voice; she can hit high notes as well as low notes. The first song she performed is an original song called “Unthinkable” originated by Alicia Keys. The band started off with a solo of bongo drums, follow by a slow sound of acoustic guitar, the sound was very pleasant and different for the type of song it is. Christina had an amazing sound to this song; I can tell she was really feeling the song by the high notes she would hit followed by melody in her voice. While she sings she had a young man from the band sing as her background singer, the male singer will bring in some harmony into the song. The band gave a nice beat and sound to the crowd. This song has nice meaningful words, which anyone can relate to. I believe Christina and her band hit the right notes to perform this song.
The second song of the night is called “Rock with you” originated by Michael Jackson released in 1979. This song is very popular because of the person who created it. The band starts off with electric piano, followed by a smooth sound of saxophone. In my ears it had a nice jazz sound to it. I am sure it’s because of the saxophone that gave it that sexy jazz smooth sound. The band played very well together, the electric guitar came in follow by a solo sound of the drum sit there was a lot of instruments involve but overall it was a nice mix into the song. The song had a variety of tone color it was a very interesting sound. Christina started off with a low tone voice. She would move to the beat of the song and sing at the same time. I love the fact that the band would work together with their sound. Christina was hitting some dynamics notes. As the song was hitting the right beats of the song the saxophone entered with his solo, it had a nice form to it. This song was performed with great respect. The crowd was really into the song and into the band. I have no complains I believe Michael Jackson would have loved it himself.
The third song the band performed is another hit by Michael Jackson “The way you make me feel” released in 1987. This song is a very popular song as well. The band “write sound” gave it a different sound to it, it wasn’t a bad sound. The performance was an acoustic performance. The song started off with the band snapping their fingers followed by bongo’s drums in the back ground they also kept the nice rhythm while they were snapping their fingers. As soon as Christina started singing the crowd knew what song it was. She had a sexy sound to her voice that had the crowd screaming. As the band stopped snapping their fingers there was back ground