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it was the mother who clumsily spilled the drink, and it was her who drove the family to break apart by having an affair behind her husband’s and son’s back.Ladies and gentlemen of the class i come to talk to you about why minimum wage should not be raised. The federal minimum wage is 7.93 and if it is raised it will ruin lives of the people because with the minimum wage raised because of subsides like the earned income tax credit would give low wage earners more take home pay.
But the subsidies make it so tax payers share the burden of supporting workers rather the workers who lose their job due to wage increase. Raising minimum wage would result in job loss. A lot of workers would get bigger checks while a lot of workers would have to lose their jobs. Many people who have little experience get their start at places like fast food restaurants but if minimum wage is raised, employers are less likely to take a chance on people with less experience. Because with a employee with less experience works their the employers are less likely to take a chance on people with less experience because it's a big investment fewer people would get a shot at proving themselves to the employer. Newtons law of motion for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. That is a law of physics. But it applies to economics, like every time the minimum wage raises the overall costs of small business owners and they must react in order to stay in business owners and they must react in order…