The Writing Process Essay

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The Writing Process
Marshall Taylor
January 27, 2013
Jennifer Hutchinson

The Writing Process
There are five components to the writing process, each with an important role in creating a piece of writing that is properly formatted and confluent. The first step is Prewriting. In this stage, you will gather your thoughts and ideas around a topic. This can be done through freewriting or brainstorming, and involves conducting research on your topic. Once this is completed, you will then begin to Outline your thoughts by organizing them to connect your ideas together. Using your outline, you will then begin the Drafting phase. At this point you will write your first draft by converting your outline into a paragraph form. It is important to keep in mind your audience when writing, and stay on topic. Once you complete the first draft, then it is time to Revise and Edit the document. When revising, pay close attention to words and thoughts. You may need to add, remove, and relocate entire sentences to communicate more smoothly. Finally, you will need to edit the document for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to produce a polished final draft. The final draft should be submitted to a person you trust for peer review. Seeking critical opinions from a friend or colleague may send you back to the revising stage.
The five steps of the writing process were developed because it is very important to produce written work that will be easily read and understood