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Nicholas Wooldridge
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The year is 2022 and the day before my birthday. I am driving in my new dodge charger wondering how I got to where I am today. I graduated from VCU with my masters and I thank John Tyler’s teachers for all their help. I live in a two story house on the west end of Richmond, which is made out of brick and stone. I have a lovely wife and two children. I am a preschool teacher at a private school and I work part time as a car sales men at a Dodge dealership. I never thought I would see 2022, but today disproves that theory. Life is better for me since ten years ago. The economy is still struggling and Obama is still upsetting the world with his acts and plans he passes. However, my life is still great because I have Jesus always with me and my family beside me too. I am working every day of the week except Sunday, which is the day I go to church. I like going to church because I have a pastor that preaches the Word of God and he lives by it too. He is one man I look up to because if the Bible doesn’t say to do it he won’t do it. I help around the church and I support it a hundred percent. Even though I work a lot I take wonderful vacations to different countries every year and Europe was great last summer. Also the days I have a little free time my friends and I go and hang out. We often talk about what we would be doing ten years from now, which is funny because that is what I am doing now. After my friends and I hang out I go and visit my parents and see how