The years to come Essay

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The Years to Come
My dream job is to work in the corporate world with a finance degree starting at the bottom and working my way up. The business field has always been something that has appealed to me since I started thinking of my future. To start off, I would like to complete four years of college, get a job, and go for an MBA, which would open up many doors. As with any other field, business requires dedication. To start, I would attend a university for four years to get a bachelor's degree.
With any other four degree, the first two years would consist of completing prerequisites followed by two years business coursework. For this reason, I am starting out here at Ivy Tech. I would like to decrease my student bills as much as possible and I am able to transfer later on to “wrap it up”. During my last year, I would have an internship at a business firm, and once I get a degree my internship would hopefully lead to a full time job.
After four of school, I hope to work for a respectable business firm. Here I can pick up skills that I will be able to incorporate in the real world. The first couple of years would probably consist of paying off student loans followed by anything else. With a few years of knowledge and experience, I plan to go to get an MBA. I see an MBA help you stand out more than a bachelor in business.
Getting an MBA requires another two years of school but unlike getting a bachelors, I would get the company I work for to help pay for classes.