The Yellow Wallpaper

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The Yellow Wallpaper
The story is about the narrator speaking of her own story and experiences. Kind of like reading her thoughts as she speaks to us. The narrator seems to be crazy and a bit insane which she is taught to believe of herself by the way her family, friends, and husband treat her.
Story begins when the narrator and john move into a beautiful summer home. John has brought her out there so she can get better from a strong case of depression. He says you need the most rest you could possibly get so to get that he’s taken away all the things the narrator “can’t have” but truly wants. She thinks doing so would cure her depression. So, as in writing and hanging out with friends…but john disagrees... you see, john is doctor so she automatically doesn’t even hesitate to argue with him because everybody knows “doctors know best”. As much as he thinks he taken away from her the narrator doesn’t stay away from writing. Since its not allowed she does struggle keeping it hidden though.
John makes sure she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing and control all bits over her everyday regime and keeps her upstairs in an old beat up large nursery room. The narrator hates it she can’t stand every little detail of that room… especially the wallpaper. She doesn’t agree with john she wants the pretty room with the windows that opens to the garden.
After some weeks the narrator becomes very fragile. She doesn’t feel like writing as much and she’s accepted the room but just the wallpaper she’s just grown to hate it even more. She can’t stop studying the odd horrid pattern on that wallpaper. She then notices some type of figure behind the pattern. She becomes obsessed to figure it out what it is. Every time someone tries to talk to her she can’t help but cry in the middle of the conversation when she speaks of it. As she continues to eye the wallpaper the figure of a woman starts to show. Narrator can’t help but want to set her free as she watches the women trying to break free in the moonlight.
The narrator has lost trust in john and her sister she feels as if they have