The Young Bear Family Case Study

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1. What are the strengths and opportunities for the Young Bear family?

The strengths and opportunities of the Young Bear family is that Janet works daily to provide for her family and have built professional and personal relationships with people in the community so she has a lot of connections. John strength’s is his criminal justice degree and he also works a full time job. The family was able to move away from the reservation in order to seek a better life. Dan’s strength is that he is considered a gifted student. As a social worker, it is important for us to identify strengths of our clients rather than focusing mainly on their problems which is stated under the strengths perspective theory.
2. Identify 3 strengths that Dan exhibits.

Three strengths that Dan possess is he’s great in mathematics, he has an IQ of 130, and he is could be considered a gifted student. Knowing Dan’s strengths and weaknesses are important clinical skills. This can influence what goals
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How could Josh learn more about Native Americans to more appropriately assist the Young Bear family?
In order for Josh to appropriately assist the Young Bear family, he would need to attend a Native American cultural event or read about Native Americans because as a social worker cultural competence is important and understanding culture is vital in recognizing the strengths of our clients. It also helps social workers to understand the natures of social diversity and oppression among minorities.
6. Given basic social work principles, who should be the primary client or consumer of services at this point in the Young Bear family's life? Who is the primary client at this point in the case?
In this case study, Dan would be the primary client because he is the one experiencing the most problems. However, his parents have problems they have to address before things can improve. The parents are in need of counseling to find a solution on what is what the best method for Dan’s behavior and