The Young Blood Short Story

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Young Bloods

It was a calm October day in Brooklyn. Chance was just chilling out in his 45th floor apartment, waiting for his parents to get home from work. He recently received the news that some of his land on Amos has been taken by a rival landlord named Chernabog. He texted his closest friends Kobi, D’Angelo, Gilbert, James, and Jalen. The group was called “The Young Bloods”. All of the boys lived in the same building but all on different floors. Chance made it clear to his friends that they need to get that land back. Chance called his friends to his apartment to discuss some important business. “Okay guys, we are going to have partners when we take down Chernobog,” explained Chance. “Okay, bud. What are the partners?” asked Kobi. “It
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“Are we going to walk to John’s Gun Shop to get supplies?” Asked Jalen in a curious voice.
“Yes, we are going to ditch school tomorrow and head over to John’s at 11:30, I already notified him that we’ll be there.” confirmed Chance.
All the boys did as they were told and met at the gun shop at 11:30. Chance had brought his 10,000 dollars he got for his birthday to complete the purchase. Chance bought himself a handgun and an AR-15. He bought the rest of the Young Bloods a handgun and an Automatic Sniper Rifle each.
“Bro, is this all we got, we need more man,” questioned Kobi.
“Nope, I never said we were done preparing, did I?” Chance said. Chance took all of his buds up to his apartment and took them to a room none of them knew existed.
“Chance, what is this room?” asked Gilbert in a curious
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“Bro, we have the supplies, we can do this.” Gilbert announced trying to brighten the mood.
The Young Bloods went on with a mighty feel in their minds. Chance knew that he and his buds will defeat Chernabog once and for all.

As the Young Bloods moved closer to the entrance of the palace, they began to grow nervous. Chance said break to break into your groups and move in. James and Gilbert went around back and they saw the armory where the guards were with all the war supplies.
“Dude, how are we going to get past them?” asked James.
“I have a grenade in my bag, grab it!” Gilbert said franticly.
“Okay, I got it.”
James got the grenade and pulled out the clip and threw a heater at the armory, destroying everything. Meanwhile, Chance and Kobi went right into the palace and took out most of the fleet of guards.
“We should do this more often.” joked Chance.
“Indeed my brother.” responded Kobi.
D’Angelo and Jalen went around the other way where the staircase was and took out more of the fleet of guards. As they made their way up the staircase they saw a sight that astonished them. Chance was face to face with Chernabog.
“Long time no see?” said