The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Essay

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World War Z is a novel about how the government can successfully hide important information from the public, and how that can make situations much worse and, in effect, last longer. Throughout the story, the government, which consists of people who are supposed to protect the Americans, tries to hide the zombie outbreak from the citizens resulting in lives lost that could have been prevented. If they would have been honest with the nation and let everyone know what was going on outside their front doors, The Zombie War could have been put to a stop earlier and many lives could have been saved. However, since they did not let the public know, nobody knew how to fight them, kill them, or even defend themselves. Max Brooks has made an attempt to illustrate how much more can go wrong in an epidemic when you do not have the government on your side.
Survival of the fittest; that’s what the government forced upon what was left of society. They had the less qualified people used for bait, while the more important were led to safety. The government sacrificed people and let the weaker individuals die. In America, the ideology of equality must apply to each and every individual. Throughout World War Z, the government stripped that away from anyone they deemed unfit of suiting the qualifications for the future of mankind. Phalanx is a vaccine for rabies that was mass produced before The Great Panic in America to be a preventative measure for infection. Even though the rabies vaccine did not work to stop the zombie infection, the government represented it as if it did. Coming from the authority, this reassurance prevented people from going into panic. It also provided distraction from the real issue, causing national blindness. Without public hysteria, the government used that calmness as a way to manage the situation effectively. However, that did not occur, as the infection continued to spread and become worse. A puppet to a puppeteer is like the media to the government. Controlled by the government, the media is used to sway the minds of citizens in order to concentrate their