The examination of Sony Essay

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The examination of Sony: performance, cyber-attack, and social responsibility
Nowadays, we are living in the growing society which is supporting by the stem - Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, as in most things these days (Bloomberg 2013).
One of the Japanese multinational conglomerate “Sony Corporation”, according to their history “Sony” that is a small group of young people and the unlimited innovative ideas with their passion and energy (Sony History). It also be called “Head of Electronic” (Dina, Lo. 2005), most of various high quality innovative technology products are manufactured by “Sony”.
The old good days has gone. Some new technology firm, such as Apple or Samsung, which produce electronic device and
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(The economist, Tokyo. 2005) The case for Sony
While the company have become a lifeline in community, it has the responsibility to do something that benefit to society. As the large business corporate in the society, Sony explode the economies by increasing the clash flow. Sony corporate is so large, they can control a significant part of local economy. They also provide many jobs and much of the income for the community. Employees and even the government are strongly depending on the corporate for income, tax revenue and cash flow.
Sony Hong Kong is promised to perform corporate social responsibility through their business practice. Sony has established the Personal Information Management, Risk Management, Environmental and Information Security to pursue an ethical business culture (Sony Hong Kong – Corporate).
Sony has supported different community events and projects in the society. Through different social involvements to the communities, for example, donations and sponsorship programmes. Sony Hong Kong supports the Sichuan quake relief operation, Charity cookies fill the holidays with warmth, and Sony Hong Kong’s volunteers and children walk into the world of arts (Sony Hong Kong – Corporate). Sony has the positive impact to promote their outstanding employees and allocate resources effectively.
To the environment, Sony set up the Environmental Management