The kitchen is arguably the last battle – ground for reproduction of gender relations in the western world. Discuss. Essay example

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The gender division in the food preparation has an atavistic stigma. Men hunted and acquired meat; women were preparing meat at home and served it to the family. All primitive communities are characterised by the subordinate role of woman. Food in Douglas’ classification theory has been linked with rituals which adherence prevents the chaos and the social destruction. Deep divide between gender roles in the patriarchal model of society, became a precondition of social order. Douglas (1971)
This rule still applies to the present society and “the kitchen” becomes probably the last battlefield of gender in the western world. In this essay I will present arguments that patriarchal reproduction of gender affiliation still
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Swensen (2013: 148) Patriarchal Structures in Lesbian and Gay families
This comparison demonstrates consistently strong and hegemonic position of men in society. The emancipation of women, industrialization and globalization has led, however, to break through the fossilized and patriarchal structure. Women got financial independence by selling food. Counihan (2008: 176, 180). Their next step to sovereignty was education.
Many educated women started to work outside the home and provided an income to maintain the family; it was reversing gender roles. Men took over the domestic duties, but the phenomenon is that is it occurs in the egalitarian part of society. Counihan (2008: 179,180) Ruybal’s relatively egalitarian marriage went against the publicly stated value of men controlling family and budget. One man told me that he knew several marriages that fell apart when the women bettered themselves through education, attained jobs outside the home, and gained financial independence. Husbands did not always define their wives’ economic success as a boon, but according to Ruybal, Carlos respected her brains and business acumen, and they worked together as successful business partners, with Helen bringing in a steady salary and Carlos managing the growing ranch. Their cooperation allowed them to maximize their economic position and accumulate land and cattle, attaining the status of ricos . Counihan (2013: 180)

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