The of Leadership in shaping organizational culture Essay

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The Role of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture
Armen Avetisyan
Walden University
In this paper I have tried to analyze the role of leadership in shaping of organizational culture. Also I have briefly touched the definition of culture, historical overview of leadership theory development’s issue and what impact have traits approaches, skills approach, style approach and also ethical approach on creating of organizational culture for healthy organization.

The Role of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture

The Importance of Organizational Culture Creating of organizational culture is crucial for organizations and leaders. The success of organization depends on an appropriate
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•The ideal world is one in which the organization performs like a well-oiled machine, needing only occasional maintenance and repair.
• People are a necessary evil, not an intrinsic value.
•The well-oiled organization does not need people, only activities that are contracted for.
According to the above mentioned definitions and assumptions we can confess that organizational culture is a ground for appropriate employees’ and leader’s behavior that leads to success of whole organization. Nothing, no changes could be pushed in an organization with incomprehensible culture in organization and vice versa, with healthy culture the organization can achieve great outcomes. We could not predict or evaluate the culture of an organization only by short – term observing the overt behavior of employees, because culture is behavior based on particular system of values. To discover culture in an organization, one has to either observe behavior for a very long time or try to understand the system of values in organization that drives the behavior, thoughts, and perceptions of employees (Shein, E. H., 1983). The Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the real cultural essence, what members of the organization assume about.
Figure 2
1. The organization's relationship to