The three perspectives Essay

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Camalae Thomas
Deviance and Social Control
5 April 2011
The Three Perspectives

Every interaction that occurs is a product of societal teachings of what is considered deviant. It has a hand in every aspect of a person’s actions and emotions. The teaching of society dictates when it is appropriate to initiate the use of a certain action and express a particular emotion so that no act of deviance occurs. These teachings of deviance are made under this notion to understand people who act different from the social norm. This creates the question, why do these acts of deviance occur or why is this person a deviant? Society uses the question why, as a basis to create theoretical perspectives regarding deviance and social control to
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The consequences of leaving this circle were so prevalent throughout society, such as public hangings. Law is such a strong form of social control to keep the society’s interpretation of what is normal absolute. State forms of power played a huge role in keeping Christian demonology perspective in power through constantly regulating society’s thoughts and keeping them in order. Christian demonology leaves the inability to fix a problem it is just swept under the rug. With these supernatural forces at play there is no concrete way to fix them because they are seen as possession or temptation by a force we have no control over. Just as the state forms of power are connected through the Christian demonology, a connection is made with gendered power. The dynamics of gender power favors that of the male from the beginning of Christian demonology the male has always been the one in favor. Eve was the one at fault in eating the forbidden fruit, she was the one associated with rode of deviance. Women have been held to a lower standard, the dominance has been held by males. Evidence through history proves the gender dynamics being in favor of males. Throughout the era in which Christian demonology is used women have been oppressed and never received any power. This comes from the law instituted that did not allow women to vote, receive an education, own property, and etc. The creation of laws was