Thea Dillard Analysis

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Write a paragraph analyzing one of Dillard’s action sequences (p. 25)
Through paragraphs 11-14, we see how Dillard is able to use narrative strategies to convey the action in her story. She initiates her story by explaining how being a young girl who played football and baseball with the guys by being fearless. Having the same words throughout the buick driver’s pursuit and demonstrating how this was no ordinary individual as he would not slow down. The entire chase was surprising as the man was able to keep up and caused a sense of “exhilarated, dismayed, that only bare speed” could save Mickey and her.
Analyze Dillard’s use of naming, detailing, and comparing to help readers visualize the man who chased her and to create a dominant impression (p. 26) Dillard uses very few descriptions about the man chasing after
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As mixed young girls living in a privileged community which consisted of avoiding the discussion of race, the death of this rapper was used to initiate the search for identity. His lyrics caused a large impact on them that they were never able to show off to others. Therefore, they now learned to appreciate their black culture and get involved in activities at school.
Analyze Desmond-Harris’s use of a photograph and brand names to enhance their descriptions (p. 31)
Through paragraphs 5-7, descriptions of the brand names like “Herbal Essences” and “Gold N’ Hot” iron convey a side of the non-white culture. They did this as they mourned the death of their favourite artist. The photograph is a visual representation of the admiration they had for Tupac and the black culture they could never fully embrace and it shows how truly happy they are while getting the chance to do it now.
Analyze Desmond-Harris’s handling of the complex personal and cultural significance of her remembered event (p.