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November 4, 2013

Performance Critique

I attended Rocky Horror Picture Show at Konocti Vista Casino. It was very great production that left me singing along and wanting it to never end. The actors seemed very skilled which made the play very believable and entertaining. The play itself was definitely odd but very well put together and understandable. The use of stage space was well used and well decorated. All in all, I enjoyed the performance. Most of the actors seemed relaxed and fit into their characters well. They were very clear not only in speaking, but in singing as well. The character I focused on for my critique was Janet. She was completely relaxed and stayed true to her character well. I honestly believed that she was an innocent person, which was only revealed to be false at the very end of the play when the actress was being suggestive with another cast member. She remembered to breathe. She was very clear and audible. I understood every word she sang and said. She had a very nice voice for the character. Her movements were smooth and portrayed the character well. Janet committed to her objectives well. Her actions almost always appeared to be normal for a person in her situation. There was a time when I wasn't completely convinced, which is when she got with Rocky after watching Frank and Brad, but I believe that was more of a writing problem than an acting problem. When using props, they are well included and she lacks a usual awkwardness seen in most plays with props. The relationships are clearly defined. Her lines do not seem rehearsed but more of a normal conversation. Most scenes were available to be seen, however there were a few that weren't. When Frank and Rocky run into the crowd, I was not able to see them fully without staring into bright lights and turning uncomfortably. There were also times when girls would sing upstage near the couches and block the view of the stage. There were no unnecessary pauses. I believe that some extra scenery changes would be helpful to understanding some aspects of the play. The costumes and memorization seemed great. There were some pretty interesting choices that I viewed throughout the play. One of them was when Columbia