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What’s It Gonna Be? – Director: Kevin Kittle and Danielle Liccardo
Started with a French maid cleaning the stage and speaking in French – actors all ran in and started setting up the props.
The doctor was present announcing a lottery winner – the kids all did an act around stage – the winner was in the audience and was sent to war.
Tall guy in medical clothes - he was quiet and focused on juggling
Girl with pigtails singing and eating animal crackers
The brother and sister (chinese)
The badass guy who wanted to read bedtime stories and lost his mother
The girl who’s dad was in the police force
The guy who played the mailman and his wife was the imaginary myth character who ate humans
The mardi gras girl with the beads – who was also running for a pageant
The handicapped guy in the wheelchair and his caretaker
The media photographer who took photos and danced with the wheelchair guy
The doctor who addressed the medical issues
The blonde girl (artist) who was in love with the African girl but betrayed her as she was married
The maid that took care of all the kids
Blind indian guy who recovered his eyesight but despised what he saw
The play events :
The doctor tried to create a drug that would help kids with disabilities but it failed
A shadow show with the actors was performed to portray the limbs of the handicapped
Towards the end the French maid was placed naked in a bath tub and draped with the blue cloth and washed by the caretaker – then she progressed to the upper level of the tree.
All actors towards the end joined with each other and connected limbs to form the tree branches.

The Two Gentleman of Verona – Director: Michael Sexton
The play started with all actors onstage dancing to music at a party scene bidding farewell to Valentine
Valentine is off to improve himself, venturing out to see the world, while Proteus stays home in Verona, tied by his love for Julia.
After much bickering, Julia tears up the letter, only to regret this act an instant later.
Proteus was demanded to join Valentine and work with the Duke – leaving Julia behind - they exchange rings and promises to keep loving each other.
Valentine has fallen in love with the Duke's feisty daughter, Silvia. When Proteus arrives at court, he too falls in love with Silvia, and vows to do anything he can to win her away from Valentine.
Julia has hatched a plan to disguise herself as a man (Sebastian) so that she can journey to Milan to be reunited with Proteus. Upon arriving at court, she witnesses Proteus and Thurio wooing Silvia.
The outlaws, all of whom are banished gentlemen as well, demand Valentine to become their king.
Silvia calls on her friend Sir Eglamour to help her escape intot he forest to find Valentine.
Proteus demands that Silvia give him some sign of her favor for freeing her, but she refuses. He tries to rape her for her resistance, but Valentine jumps out and stops him. The Duke realizes that Thurio is a thug and says