Essay about Theater vs Movies at Home

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Lesley Wonneberg
Professor Grimland
English Composition I 1301
February 10, 2014
The Indecision of Watching a Movie at Home or in the Theater. She finally has a day off and all she wants to do is see a movie, but there are so many options. Is it better to in stay in the comfort of her home, or go to the theater to see the movie? They both have perks that attract her to one verses the other but what to choose. Okay first thought that comes to her is the price. Let’s face it, it is much cheaper to stay at home and rent a DVD or watch a movie on Netflix than it is to go out to the theater. The last time she went to the theater tickets cost her $12.00 at the AMC Fire wheel Theater. She knew she would be thirsty and who could say no to the concession stand when watching the latest flick? Last time she bought a hotdog, popcorn and 2 bottles of water, hey she gets thirsty, it cost her around $20.00. Put that all together and that is about a whopping $35.00. She could just buy a pack of hotdogs, buns and popcorn for around $10.00 and rent a movie for about $5.00 bringing her to around $15.00. That is not going to make her stare at the bottom of her empty pocket book wondering how it all went so fast. There is something to be said for not having to cook for yourself on your day off. Let’s face it her popcorn is nowhere near as good as the theater. She thinks about the options she has to choose from with a DVD or the theater. She could choose from a wide variety of movies on DVD from classics like Casablanca after all who could get sick of Bogart and that famous catch phrase “Here’s looking at you kid”, to classics like 30 years a slave. At the theater she is limited to the 15 to 20 titles that are out and more than half of them she is not interested in, but there is something to be said about being the first one to watch the movie. She could form her own opinion instead of other people forcing their own opinions on her. She also would not have to deal with someone spoiling the ending for her “Did you know they are all DEAD?” Geez. Last she thinks about the comfort factor. If she stays home she would not have to worry about getting out of her pajamas, or worrying about having to tackle that bed head. She would not have to stress out about putting on that make-up. Let’s face it she is not trying to impress anyone at home.