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Matthew Spaulding INFORMATIVE OUTLINE Specific Purpose. To inform my audience about the preparation for becoming an actor different acting techniques and the best acting schools to go to. 1. Introduction
A. You ever watched a movie and thought to yourself this guy is terrible I can do a better job then him.
B. Well I would like to give you a brief overview of the preparation to become an actor the different acting techniques and the best acting schools to go to.
C. My name is Matthew Spaulding I was intrigued by this subject because I want to become an actor so I have done a lot of research.
D. The benefits are you will learn what actors have to do in order to become actors. II. Body
A. We’ll start with preparation
1. First you have to learn how to act acting is a craft that you must practice even Hollywood’s greatest actors constantly train with acting coaches to perfect their craft.
2. The next thing you need to do is find a talent agent a talent agent is pretty much your connection to casting director. a casting director is The person responsible for assigning roles in a movie, play, or other production. Next is location according to a magazine called Hollywood vine location is important in New York and Los Angles it is easier to become an actor.
3. Another reason why location is important is because most casting directors live In New York and Los Angeles even though some shows are filmed in other places around the U.S most of the casting is done in New York or Los Angeles. B. Different styles of acting
1. There are different styles of acting the different styles of acting are method acting , Brechian and some unorthodox styles of acting. The first style I will talk about is Method acting is when you adopt the lifestyle, habits or traits that are a reflection of the character that you are trying to portray.