Theatre: Friendship and Caitlin’s Dad Essay

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Caitlin and Michael became friends when Caitlin was out during recess and saw Michael crying and she went over and offered him a gummy worm. Caitlin is threatened by Michael’s and Josh’s friendship because Caitlin see’s Josh as a bully and like his cousin who was responsible for the school shooting in which Caitlin’s brother (Devon) and Michael’s mother were killed. She also see’s Josh just using a family member of one of the victim’s so he doesn’t seem so bad. Josh can gain a friend and respect from those who look at him and see his cousin and not Josh. He can also gain a new insight into what Michael and Caitlin may feel (as far as coping with the loss of someone important to them). My friendships can affect me in positive and negative ways. If I am friends with the right people, firstly I won’t get in trouble and secondly if I do choose to make a bad decision I won’t be tempted by my friends to do the wrong thing but I will be pushed by them to do the right thing. If I choose to be friends with not so smart people, then I will be pushed by them to do the wrong thing and I will have to try to bring my friends back on the path. If I pick the right friends they can make me a better person because I will not make wrong decisions and I will not be tempted to do the wrong thing. But if I hang out with the wrong people I will be pushed and if I already do the wrong thing I will not be told to stop but encouraged to do the wrong thing. Mocking Bird made me more aware that