Theatre: Learning and Theatre Majors Essay

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Coastal Carolina Theatre In our reading of pages 27 through 30 in The Coastal Compass, the book explains to readers that students who major in theatre have a skill set that not many other majors offer. Theatre majors are excellent communicators, know how to direct a group of people to accomplish a task, and also have the ability to think very creatively with new productions. Those who study theatre have what it takes to be successful in the future after their standard four year tenure in college. After having read pages 27 through 30, I went to view a production by the Edwards College of the Humanities and Fine Arts titled “The Shape of Things”. Being close minded to the major of theatre, the play along with the reading had opened my eyes to the opportunities that theatre can present. In the play I got to see how the actors communicated with each other throughout their dialect. I noticed how the theatre majors who worked behind the scenes interacted during the play. Those who work behind the scenes are the keys to making sure the plays run smoothly. That includes the people who direct the play, set the stage after every scene, write the script, work with lights and those who work with sound. In “The Shape of Things”, the audience got to view a little bit of everything. Along with viewing a great play, I believe students will keep an open mind to the study of theatre and what it has to offer. The opportunities provided having studied theatre in college are endless. Majoring in theatre prepares you for many