Thebig 5 Communication Skills

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The most compelling topics in my opinion that we coverd over the last five weeks of this class were for one during phase one,"TheBig Five Personality traits"(Griffen, Moorhead, 2012).Agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, extroversion, and openness were the five big trait .The big five was compelling because these five traits were used to measure personality and behavioral patterns in most of the world and the understanding of these five traits can be beneficial to my social and professional relationships and in communication.

The second topic was during phase three , Leadership and managerial skills(Griffen, Moorhead, 2012).During phase three we took a test to see how strong or week we were as mangers and what we could improve on in terms of coaching and mentoring in our Managerial roles.I scored very high on the test but this was in part due to computer based learning and experience my Managerial role at my current job. The third topic that was in my opinion compelling during the last five weeks of this course was during phase four ; Communication skills(Griffin, Moorhead, 2012). Communication skills topic took a deeper look into what motivates employees to engage in the success of the company as well as making us as leaders and mangers successful. The area I would have liked to learn more about and get deeper in depth with was on the different manger roles and theories. The difference between task oriented and relationship style mangers was