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Anna Rosas
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Proposing a Solution
13 April 2015
Preventing Theft
Society is faced with many problems but one that affects businesses dramatically, is theft.

Theft means to take someone else’s property, either surreptitiously or by force. In business, theft is to take or retain more than what is due (salary, fines or deductions) or taking excessive benefits (swindling).” Theft may not be able to be prevented 100% of the time but it can definitely be reduced if precautions are taken; such as, security cameras, ink tags, electric sensors and most importantly good customer service. Any thief just looks for the place and moment to strike and it always tends to happen when least expected, all within seconds. Whether its a grocery, clothing or sports store, there is always some type of precaution you can take to avoid getting robbed and losing money.
One of the most common form of security are cameras. Using security cameras is not only one of the least costly ways to prevent any type of theft but also one commonly used and often successful form of security. They are usually placed in the corners, in between every aisle, in the center of the store, exits/entrances and even in the parking lots and/or the stockrooms.
They are helpful to detect any mysterious activity and to have a full and clear visual of the whole store, in hour of operations. Regardless, whether its a clothing store, shoe store or maybe something as simple as a liquor store, cameras are efficient. For example, if there were to be a

robbery in progress and the thief were to get away, it would be a good form of evidence to not only find the thief but also to prove the crime to the law enforcers. Criminals hate being watched, yet try their hardest to be “sneaky” and get away with their crimes. Although, some stores may have more cameras than others, due to size, it will all be worth it in the long run.
Cameras are usually found everywhere you go, but are they 100% efficient? The answer is no. They are a very helpful source but using just cameras, isnt quite enough. Some people think it is unnecessary to have so many cameras because it makes them feel as if you're invading their privacy. Due to these type of complaints there are always ink tags and electronic sensors that can be used, which are beneficial as well. Putting ink tags on any type of apparel, prevents people from wearing the clothing even if robbed. If they try to remove them by twisting them or pulling on the ink tag, the tag will burst and the ink will not only ruin the piece of clothing but it will also be all over the thief's hand and will call attention to any person or employee near the criminal. The only way the ink tag can be removed properly is my a magnetic gun, which is usually only used and owned by the stores using such device. Electric sensors are somewhat similar to ink tags but these connect to an alarm system. They help detect any person that is taking something with them they have not yet purchased. As the criminal tries to make its ways out, they will generally hear a ringing noise that typically alerts the employees of that store, that something is being taken without being bought. If this form of security is going to be used, employees must make sure that they double check, and make sure the tags have been removed properly. If not, it will cause an unnecessary scene and the customer may feel violated.
On top of all these type of security methods mentioned, there is one that is free and quite