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Throughout the story Janie constantly refers to the horizon as something tangible. It is also described in the story how each man she was with affected her horizon. From having her horizon taken away to having full control over it. In the story Janie is shown to want to experience love and freedom. Janie's dream of gaining life experience, love and freedom is fulfilled as she progresses through life.
As a young girl Janie is brought up by her overprotective nanny that restricted her freedom of choice. As shown when Nanny arranges a marriage for Janie and all Janie does is "hunch over and pout at the floor"(14). This shows how Janie's dream of finally becoming free and experiencing love is completely out of reach when she is with Nanny. After getting married and leaving Nanny she starts her life with Logan Killicks. While not living with Nanny she is still controlled by her as shown when Nanny insists that if Janie would "Wait awhile, baby. Yo' mind will change."(24) After Janie leaves Nanny prays for Janie and then dies.
As one influence leaves Janie's life another one enters it -Joe Starks, a charismatic man with big dreams for himself. His charisma attracts Janie, giving her hope that she could finally reach the horizon that she so desperately longed for. What started as her dream come true turns into her worst nightmare as Jody tries to take control over Janie's life. As shown when Joe says that Janie doesn't know "nothin' 'bout no speech-makin'."(43) This demonstrates that although Janie experiences love for the first time she does not experience freedom. Janie tries to escape from the grip of Joe, but cannot as she realizes that she is now old and no one will take her in. As Joe and Janie live on Joe becomes visibly older, while Janie remains very attractive, and Joe fears that he will no longer be able to keep possession of Janie. As the years go by Jody finally dies and Janie is set free from the death grip that Jody had on her.
After Jody's death Janie takes over the store, and meets a young man named Virgible Woods. They quickly fall