Their Eyes Were Watching God Character Analysis

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The two versions on, Their Eyes Were Watching God, form a very contrasted view between both Oprah Winfrey and Zora Neale Hurston’s interpretation on the story. The differences greatly outnumber the similarities. The ways contrasted between the two include, the altered relationship between the characters, Janie’s strength increased throughout the movie, the overall message changed the meaning, and the symbols shifted towards other symbols. By changing these factors, Oprah takes the novel’s meaning and changes the entire purpose. The relationship that Janie and Logan Killicks had, displays a very drastic change within the novel and movie. When Nanny saw Janie kissing Johnny Taylor, she admittedly forced Janie to marry Logan Killicks, a wealthy man. ”Logan has land and money and can provide that security, but their marriage only lasts a year. In that time, Janie at …show more content…
Meeting Janie for the first time, in Oprah’s edition, Joe saw Janie gathering pigs all covered in mud. Since the first day Joe and Janie met, Janie already had her strengthening character trait. ”Lord gal you ain't got no more business behind a plow than a with no hog with a holiday. Pretty lady like you need to be treated like a lady every single day of her life” (Harpo). Oprah made this scene to show how Janie had the ability to work and did not show her many weakness. While Zora Neale Hurston never illustrated Janie to display affection, Oprah gave Janie a scene to show the affection Janie had with Joe in public at the store. That displayed how Janie did what she pleased and had the ability making her own choices, which Oprah revealed throughout the movie. The classical novel never revealed Janie to show affection toward Joe, especially not in public. Oprah Winfrey altered scenes and characteristics in Janie’s relationship with others, showing her interpretation on