Their Eyes Were Watching God Character Analysis

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In the book “Their Eyes were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston the main character named Janie went through three different relationships. The three men that she had relationships/marriages with were Logan, Joe and finally Tea Cake. Each of these three relationships changed, shaped and developed her as woman, as well as helped her ultimately find her identity.
Janie’s first relationship was with a man named Logan Killicks and this relationship wasn’t really Janie’s choice, it was more of her grandmothers. During the time of this relationship though Janie and Logan weren’t really that close and there wasn’t any romance between them. As well as no romance, Logan treated Janie like a prize and she was more of just an ornament for him to show
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She learned that love couldn’t be arranged and just happen out of the blue like her grandmother said and believed. But that to make a relationship work one must devote themselves as well as a great deal of attention to a relationship/marriage to make it a happy one.
After realizing that love couldn’t be arranged Janie met a man named Joe Starks and he convinced her to leave Logan and run away with him. When Janie ran away with Joe she had the chance to use the lessons she learned with Logan to make her and Joe’s relationship better, unfortunately this didn’t happen. During their relationship Joe let his morals and desire get ahead of him and he valued that more than his marriage with Janie. He forced Janie to be silent and not talk with others, he also made her hide her hair and she was basically an ornament for him to show off.
After Joe became bed ridden and died from liver failure Janie felt free, but despite not enjoying her marriage she learned a lot during it. Janie learned from her relationship with Joe that both the individuals that are in the relationship together must be equal to each other. Along with that she learned that both individuals should also be willing to make sacrifices for one