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Kayla Murski
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Literary Analysis ( November)
The Lucky One Analysis
Books are always surrounded by themes of heros, fates, love, tragedy, and fantasy. They take you for a ride, and tell a story. Leaving you at the edge of your seat wanting more. Painting a picture in your mind, allowing your senses to go into overload, piecing everything together. The story of the Lucky One has a strong connection to the themes of heroic nature and destiny. Those two themes alone paint the picture for this book, and allow the scenes to unfold in your mind.
From the very beginning we know our main character, Logan Thibault, is part of the military, fighting overseas in Iraq. I honestly couldn’t think of a more strong, heroic, field of work to be in if i tried. Logan’s character throughout the book presents himself as the main hero. Starting off with his many battles at war, going in protecting his man, saving people in danger. Constantly putting his life on the line so he can bring his men home.When he comes back home, after fives years of contemplating he goes on this very heroic journey. Traveling over eleven hundred miles by foot, to find a girl he believes to be the reason he made it home alive from the war. His only form of company being his best friend Zeus, his German Shepherd. Once in the quaint town of Hampton, North Carolina Logan finds work at his mystery girl, Beth Clayton's, kennel. Coming in and fixing the whole place up, preventing it from falling apart at its seams. Being the knight and shining armor they need to keep business going. But it doesn’t just stop there, Logan starts to form a relationship with Beth’s son, Ben giving him an older male to look up to. It may not stand out but for a kid who's dad really doesn't care for him or what he is interested in, a simple show of interest in Ben's music makes Logan a hero in his eyes. Logan not only is a hero to Ben, but Beth as well. He stands up for her, protects her, but most importantly love her. He is gental and loyal, something she hasn't nessesarily had for a long time. He fights for her and her love, standing up to Keith, her ex-husband, when he tries to tare them apart. He shows he that her heart still works, and that she deserves and extraordinary kind of love, that he is willing to give her. He proves himself through out the whole book, even in the very end. As a bad storm hits their town, Ben runs away to his tree house trying to hide, but everything turns back when the house starts to fall apart. Ben is stuck holding on for his life as he tries not to get dragged away by the river underneath him, after the rope latter breaks. Logan and his dog Zeus run after him jumping in to save him, and Keith, who had also tried to save the young Ben. After getting Ben to safety Logan tries to go back and save Keith, but sadly does not provale. Even with the past of the two men, Logan does the most honorable thing and sets everything to the side, once again risking his life to save Keith. Logan takes on a path of courage, valore, and unselfish tendencies throughout the book, proving that he truly is a modern day hero. But just because Logan in the main hero of this story doesn't mean that all the light shines on him, Beth, and even Keith show them selves as minor heros in the lucky one. Beth's hero moments aren't as apparent as Logan's, her lie more beneath the surface. Showing up in more of what's she stands for and what she does as a mother. Constantly fighting to prove that Ben is better off with her instead of Keith. Sadly due to Keith being a cop and his dad being the sheriff of the town, they could easliy take Ben away from Beth. Staying strong, making sure he is well off, and learns the lessons of life, Ben also looks up to his mom in a very 'your my hero' kind of way. Beth truly doesn't have the heart and soul of a hero, and proves it everyday. Keith how ever can barely be called a hero, other then him being a cop he doesn't have much to