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August Wilson’s play the “Fences” Troy, the protagonist, wants what is best for his family ,but makes the wrong choices that ends up tearing his family apart, instead of bringing them together. Troy isn’t moving forward because he is still stuck in the past. Troy’s actions ends up affecting the outcomes of everyone in the Maxson family. Troy continuously makes a lot of mistakes when it comes to his family and showing love. Troy is letting his past, destroy his future. Troy hopes and dreams of one day playing professional baseball. Baseball is “a salvation and a hope” for Troy (Birdwell 824) Troy loves baseball and still wants to play in the professional league. Unfortunately, now he is to old to play in any league. Although, when he was younger, he lived in a time period where there was an “integration of professional baseball”, which means a Negro could only play in the Negro league (Birdwell 824). That ends up crushing Troy’s hopes and dreams, and is the reason why, Troy, has the mindset that sports are not going to get you any where in life because, it didn’t get him any where in life. Troy is still stuck in the past and refuses to realize that the ways of life are in fact, changing. Troy begins to attempt to make Corry see that there is more to life than football, but what Troy sees as trying to love and give fatherly advice, Cory sees as not showing love. Cory hopes and dream about one day playing professional football. Troy ruins Cory’s hopes and dreams, when he tells the Coach that Cory “can’t play football no more”. Troy told the coach that because Troy originally wanted Cory to balance football and school. After Troy found out that Cory was lying to him, he did what any father would do if they truly loved their child and thought they were making the right decision. Although, Cory thinks Troy does this because, Troy was not able to make it into the professional baseball league, when Troy was younger. Although, Troy is trying to tell Cory that he needs to focus on his education, before anything else. That way Cory will “have something nobody can take away from” him (788). Troy is making a valid point because it is always good to have a back up plan, just in case your first plan doesn’t work out so well. Troy means well, but his plan ends up back firing on him and instead of bringing Cory closer, he pushes him away and Cory ends up joining the military. This is yet another time where Troy tries to do good by teaching Cory a valid lesson, but instead Troy only pushes Cory farther away. Troy let’s his own self demeanor and lust get in the way of his true love, Rose. Rose is Troy’s wife, who has been nothing but loving and faithful to Troy. Troy cheats on Rose to “prove to himself that he is still desirable and virile” (McDonough 825). Troy never intended to hurt Rose. After all, he loves the woman, but that still was not enough to stop him from cheating. Troy is blinded by the “sexuality of his manhood” (McDonough 825). Troy is not able to see how much his actions hurt Rose, especially when Rose finds out that Troy got the woman pregnant. Although, Rose is such a loving, compassionate person, that she puts her own wants aside to help raise another woman’s child. Rose believes that Troy