Thematic Analysis: Of Mice And Men

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Katelyn Osterlind
Honors English III
Ms. Freedman
December 7, 2016
Thematic Research Paper
Prejudice is displayed throughout John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, through racism, sexism, and injustice towards the mentally handicapped. The prejudice towards African Americans on the ranch causes Crooks to experience loneliness and heartache. Sexist attitudes regarding beauty as a person’s most important quality causes Curley’s wife to believe attractiveness is her only asset and she needs the attention of all the men on the ranch. Lennie feels like an outcast because George makes him feel stupid and incapable of living a normal life.
Crooks, similar to Lennie, has to deal with ignorance and prejudice stunting his success and making him appear
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Meyer received a Ph.D. in English from Loyola University Chicago. He was a Professor at DePaul University in Chicago, co-edited A John Steinbeck Encyclopaedia, and wrote literary criticism on Of Mice of Men for Facts on File, Bloom’s Literature (Clark). Meyers wrote, “Gradually, other misfits, all segregated by defects which include prejudices based on age, gender, race, and physical disabilities, also adopt their goal, despite having differences that eventually undermine their attainment of the American dream of success and ownership” (Meyer). Racism, sexism, and discrimination towards the mentally handicapped are prominently seen through different characters in John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men. The challenges characters face effect their will and ability in achieving their goals. Michael J. Meyer’s remarks towards prejudism in John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, can be related to remarks made by Maurice Mangum towards the injustice in the education …show more content…
Crooks was segregated from the white living quarters on the ranch, similar to the way African Americans were segregated into different schools and classrooms in the 1950’s. The way Curley’s wife thinks she is only expected to be beautiful is similar to the way many women in the 1950’s did not go to college because they were expected to perform only domestic work. Lennie is treated differently from the other men on the farm due to his disabilities, similar to the way children with slight mental disabilities are not given the opportunity to succeed in a normal classroom setting by being separated. Within John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, and in the education system, discrimination is seen in terms of racism, sexism, and injustice towards the mentally handicapped, as explained by Michael J. Meyer and Maurice