Theme: Nazi Germany and Friend, Shmuel. my Best Friend Essay

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1.friendship between Bruno and Shmuel

When Bruno and Shmuel were in the gas chamber,Bruno said to Shmuel that “You’re my best friend,Shmuel.My best friend for life.”This shows in Bruno’s mind,because he was so young and naive,he didn’t see Shmuel as a Jew or enemy.He just treat Shmuel as a boy like him.In his heart,they were equal and their friendship so strong that it won everything.——Maria’s family.
Maria’s mother was a dresser and worked for Bruno’s grandmother.Maria told Bruno that’When she got sick and needed a lot of hospital care and your father arranged it all,even though he was not obliged to.” “He has a lot of kindness in his soul,truly he does.”These the relationship between Maria’s family and Bruno’s and show the Nazi soldiers might do kind deeds and appear to be wonderful people in the other parts of their lives.

3.survival and death
At the end of the story, the narrator said that “some soldiers came to Out-with and Father was ordered to go with them,and he went without complaint and he was happy to do so because he didn’t really mind what they did to him any more.”This shows that father was psychological and emotional death because he lost his son and he didn’t care about anything.

4.Gender inequality

In the story,she reacted passive aggressively.She said’Some people make all the decision for us.”when she opened the boxes to unpack at ‘Out-with’.This quotation is representative of Mother’s passive-aggressive,for example by referring to