Theme Of Deception In Romeo And Juliet

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Many stories have been told all over the world of lovers defying fate to be together. The most revered story of impossible romance was written around 1595 by a brilliant artist of poetry known as William Shakespeare. Shakespeare composed many plays and poems that have been praised over the years, such as Hamlet and Macbeth. Although these great pieces of poetry are worthy of discussion, the work of poetry that will be discussed is the poem that paved the way for all future stories of romance and tragedy, it is know as Romeo and Juliet. It is a poem following two main characters, Romeo and Juliet, who despite the ongoing feud between their two families fall in love with each other. As expected, a tale of this nature posses themes that reflect the deceptive nature of the two lovers. One of these major themes shows us that deception and lies will always lead to a negative outcome, a theme that a character …show more content…
Friar Lawrence was a good man that was only trying to aid in the union that Romeo and Juliet shared. However, in order to protect the two star-crossed lovers he had to lie for them and use methods of deception and trickery that a man such as himself would never use unless he had too and that's exactly what happened. He got so deep into the drama he had no choice but to trick their way way out of it. But, like the theme would suggest; deception and lies will always lead to a negative outcome and in the case of this tale it ended in death. This theme of “what goes around comes around” is true just about anywhere because every action has a repercussion. William Shakespeare teaches us many important life lessons within his stories, knowing that everything you do can impact you in big ways is a very important lesson to take from this tragic tale of love and