Theme Of Discrimination In Huckleberry Finn

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Huck could see the huge Mississippi in front of him its water still and silent. As they drifted down the river away from their troubles. With the morning sun rising from its slumber covering the glossy water with an array of color. The sound of the trees rustling from the morning breeze that tickles their leaves. The birds chirping with joy as they tell the world around them that morning is here. The raft under his feet feeling the cracks of wood under his feet as he stared at the sight in front of him. Rays from the sun crawling to him as Huck feels the warm sensation slowly move up his body and over the raft. Huck in this moment is at peace being away from the noise and people of society. Enjoying and embracing the rising sun and the
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The King sold Jim to Mr. Phelps while in town Jim was not his slave technically. Jim was Hucks the King sold Jim “for forty dirty dollars”(212) and told Mr. Phelps that he was wanted. Down in Louisiana and would get a reward and showed him the pamphlet for Jim. Huck went into town to see what the king was up to and when he went back to the raft. Jim was gone he then found a boy on the road which told him that a slave was sold to Mr. Phelps. Huck then went to the Duke and saw him putting up another pamphlet for another Royal Nonesuch. The Duke tried to lie to Huck and get him far from town. This example shows how “Discrimination causes pain and suffering for many people” because Jim is brought back into slavery because of the king's discrimination of Jim. Selling him like an animal causing pain for Jim because he is a slave again, and pain for Huck because he has to figure out a plan to get Jim but has a hard time deciphering whether he should help Jim escape again, or return him to with this Watson. Another example of a scene in the book is when the King and Duke sold the Wilks family's slaves. To slave traders the King and Duke sell the Wilks family slaves after they decide to stay and sell more of the property. To get more money. One group of slaves a mother and her two …show more content…
One example of this theme in the book is when the King decides they should stay longer at the Wilk’s to make more money. The King makes a risky choice by saying “leave eight or nine thous’n’ dollars’ worth o’ property layin around.”(177) Him meaning why leave that kind of money around when you can get so much out of it. What's the King and Duke don't know is that Huck soon hides the gold. He hides it in Peter Wilks coffin so that they don't find the money. Reason being so he can give it back to the girls. Then the King and Duke are in a pickle because of them staying so they could get more money from the property. Huck was able to hide the gold before they could get it, and leave with all the other money from the property. We figure out later in the book that the King was thinking of leaving the Duke and Huck behind. While he got the gold to himself. The Duke was thinking the same thing as the King too. This scene from Huck Finn shows people in Power off to make selfish decisions that hurt the people they lead. Reason being is because the King decides to stay and sell the property, and it hurts them. All because of one selfish mistake that the King made. Hurting the King and the Duke along with