Theme Of Evil In Macbeth

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The three themes that This essay will be focusing on are evil, desire, and fear. Evil, desire, and fear are very commonly used in life, for example when someone thinks of evil they think of crime, or the bad guy in a movie or that dark corner in your room that keeps you up at night, or maybe the fear of getting out of your bed because you're afraid that something is going to grab you from underneath your bed, these are just some of the things someone might think of when they imagine the word evil. The play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, focuses on the three themes, Evil, desire, and fear.
Firstly, the theme Evil shows up in many parts in this play, and evil is an important role in the play. The three witches are the source of evil in this story, and they create and intense/scary mood in the play. The witches are what cause Macbeth to go crazy. This changes the character of macbeth completely. First macbeth was loyal and trustworthy
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Fear is seen all throughout the play because it was what gave the story meaning. Some examples of fear in the story was when macbeth was preparing to kill duncan and this was hard for macbeth because duncan and him were very close so it was very hard for macbeth can kill duncan. The audience of the play are experiencing a lot of the fear because of the witches and the way the entered the play, they were harassing a sailor and they were really showing how evil they are. The three themes evil, desire, and fear the the most important themes in this play
The play macbeth really focuses on the three themes I went over in this essay and without these themes I don't think this play would have been as good as it was without these themes. Macbeth is definitely the most important character in this play and without him there would be no play. The three witches are very important and they gave the audience there first scare and without that the play wouldn't have been as