Theme Of Happiness In Fahrenheit 451

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In the real world, happiness is a good feeling you have when something happens or when you remember a time that made you happy. This feeling basically helps you to have a good day. However, not all people have the same signs to show they are happy.It is not that easy to tell when someone is really happy because some people pretend to be happy on the outside, but on the inside they feel alone or even sad. Happiness is not something that could be simply handed to someone, it is a special thing to have because it could turn a person's whole day around. In Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, the reader is able to see if the people in the society truly are happy.
Throughout the whole novel we see multiple themes. However, one of the most important themes that we
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We suffer from some of the same maladies in Fahrenheit 451. For example, just like the people in that society we often “wear happiness as a mask”. To seem like they are strong people in the real word will be happy on the outside but miserable on the inside. Once we realize we are not happy, like Montag, we begin to become curious and see the world differently. When a person sees that another person is unhappy or they see that they are not happy it becomes a priority of theirs to become a happier person. That is one of the problems we see Montag face in the novel. After seeing what his life really is, Montag wants to have more knowledge and he wants to learn things the government hides from them. We are able to see that in the novel and in the real world unhappy people are dull. Those people have no life, they sometimes can be negative, and they seem to be a drag. In the novel, however none of those people understand what happiness is so they cannot alter themselves to be happy. This is where the two societies differ because many people know what happiness is and if one does not know what it is there is always someone out there to change